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Take Action: Congressman Joe Neguse Needs To Hear From You About Proposed Dams in Holy Cross Wilderness

Hi Friends of the Colorado River!

Congressman Joe Neguse needs to hear from you about proposed dams in the Holy Cross Wilderness in Colorado.

Click here to send Congressman Neguse an email!

The Holy Cross Wilderness Area in Eagle County, Colorado, is a pristine environment with beautiful creeks and rivers, and with critically important wetlands along Homestake Creek. However, the cities of Aurora and Colorado Springs want to build a new dam in or near the Wilderness on Homestake Creek that would severely impact the Creek as well as further drain the Eagle River and the Colorado River downstream.

Congressman Joe Neguse, who represents this District in Colorado, is a key player in this controversy for the three following reasons:

1. The U.S. Forest Service, which manages the Wilderness Area, is being asked by the cities to allow the drilling of test holes at proposed dam sites.

2. Congressman Neguse’s office is being asked to support a bill in Congress to change the boundary of the Wilderness Area, removing almost 500 acres from Wilderness protection, to allow for new dams.

3. The proposed new dams would likely require the support of Congressman Neguse to move forward.

The proposed dam on Homestake Creek is a crazy idea to further drain the Colorado River of nearly 10 billion gallons per year and pipe this precious water in tunnels under the continental divide over to the sprawling Denver to Colorado Springs megalopolis. Everything that could be wrong with this proposed project is wrong — we must do everything we can to stop it.

Congressman Joe Neguse is one of the leading environmental champions in the U.S. Congress. He is young and full of energy to protect Colorado’s environment, and he needs to hear from you.

Please send Congressman Neguse an email letting him know that you OPPOSE drilling test holes for the dam, OPPOSE removing land from the Wilderness Area, and you OPPOSE the proposed new dam.

You can send Congressman Neguse an email by clicking here.

Thank you for taking action to Save The Colorado River!

Gary Wockner
Director, Save The Colorado

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