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Rights of Nature for Rivers

We’re excited to launch a new “Rights of Nature” campaign for rivers across the Colorado River basin. We are working in collaboration with local and national groups — and legal scholars — on this campaign.

Check out our first success! “Rights of Nature for the Boulder Creek Watershed” in Nederland Colorado. Media stories: 1. Boulder Daily Camera, 2, KUNC radio, 3. Denver Post.

Check out our second success! “Rights of Nature for the Uncompahgre River Watershed in Ridgway, Colorado. Media story: Colorado Sun

Check out our third success, “Rights of Nature for the Grand Lake Watershed, Grand Lake, Colorado. Media story: 9News Denver

Check out our fourth BIG success, “First Rights of Nature ‘Guardians’ in U.S. History Appointed for Boulder Creek.” Media: Colorado Sun, Inside Climate News

Check out this MAJOR story in PBS Marketplace aired on NPR affiliates nationwide. Longer podcast here, shorter story here.

Check out the “Universal Declaration for Rights of Rivers” here:

Check out our press release when we launched the program here: Save The Colorado Launches ‘Rights of Nature’ Program To Counter Wall-Street Takeover of Colorado’s Rivers

Below is a list of resources we are compiling to help incubate and accelerate the “Rights of Rivers” efforts across the Colorado River basin (and the world!)

Rights of Nature Background Resources

Rights of Rivers, recent articles

Law School Textbook (new in 2021)

Connections with Groups (local, national, international) promoting Rivers’ Rights

Sample Municipal Ordinance and Resolution:

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