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Colorado River Update! Speak Out To Stop the Lake Powell Pipeline

Hi Friends of the Colorado River!

Tuesday, Sept 8th is the last day for the public to comment on the proposed Lake Powell Pipeline which would be a huge, environmentally damaging project that would further drain and destroy the Colorado River.

One of our colleague groups, Conserve Southwest Utah, has created an action alert page that will guide you through the commenting process, here:

This proposed pipeline is a multi-billion dollar boondoggle that would not only further drain the river, it would waste massive amounts of new water — nearly 30 BILLION gallons per year — by giving that water to a desert city and county in Southwest Utah so they can slather it on bluegrass lawns in the hot baking sun.

The Dept of Interior’s “Draft Environmental Impact Statement” (DEIS) is seriously inadequate and egregiously flawed. Conserve Southwest Utah walks you through all the shortcomings of the DEIS to guide your comments.

What’s even more egregious? President Trump has now “expedited” the permit process for the project, so we will likely see a quick turnaround by the federal government with a Final EIS in the near future.

Again, Tuesday Sept 8th is the deadline for comments, so please click through to Conserve Southwest Utah’s website to submit a comment.

Thank you for taking action!

Gary Wockner, Save The Colorado

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