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Colorado Rivers Update: Our Water Rights Battles are Making News and a Difference!

Hi Friends of Colorado’s Rivers,

A few months ago we decided to ratchet up our campaign against proposed new dams and diversions by intervening in state water rights applications in the state of Colorado. So far, we’ve intervened twice, and so far we have made a difference!

First, our intervention against the proposed Haypark Reservoir and the “Troublesome Project” in Grand County, CO, caused the Water Court’s Division Engineer to write that he “cannot recommend approval of this application until the following concerns are addressed:” The concerns he listed were mostly our concerns because we were the only group opposing the project.

The Troublesome Project would further drain the headwaters of the Colorado River in Grand County to build a ~20,000 acre reservoir for purposes that are ill-defined in the application from the Middle Park Water Conservancy District. The court is now forcing the applicant to respond to our concerns and has set a date for our next meeting in September.

Second, our intervention against the proposed construction of multiple small new dams and reservoirs at the Eldora Ski Area near Nederland, CO, made statewide news. While we don’t necessarily oppose the expansion of the ski resort, we’re trying to help support the community that has adopted our Rights of Nature for Rivers program. The Colorado Sun wrote a long article about Eldora’s water woes that highlighted our work.

Further, we aren’t the only opposer at Eldora. Boulder County, the City of Boulder, the Town of Nederland, Xcel Energy, and a local water district all opposed as well. We have our first meeting with all the parties in two weeks, and the process is sure to drag on for quite a long time as everyone’s interests and concerns are dealt with.

Speaking of Nederland, our Rights of Nature for Rivers work in the local watershed continues to make national news. Multiple media outlets continue to write about the legal guardians that were appointed by the Town Board of Nederland. Further, the guardians are now also engaged around the Eldora Ski Area water rights questions as well as other local watershed threats and concerns.

We’ll be bringing you more updates about these water rights battles in the coming months, as well as more information about our campaign against Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River. Everywhere we can, we push against The Machine and try to protect and restore the waterways from which all life emanates.

Thank you for your support which keeps us working hard!

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