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Save the Colorado River Update!

Hello Friends of the Colorado River!

We hope you had a great summer and got outside a lot to enjoy the beauty of nature and one of your favorite rivers wherever you are.  We have been busy the last few weeks with the Watershed film tour.







In Salt Lake City, we had an overflowing crowd at the beautiful Salt Lake City Library.  Co-sponsored by The Nature Conservancy and the Utah Film Center, the event was a great success. See photos here on Facebook.  Producer James Redford and Director Mark Decena were on hand to discuss the film on the panel afterwards.

In West Hollywood, we had another great event.  Sponsored by the local environmental group Heal The Bay and by Sundance Cinemas, the event featured one of the people in the film, Jimmy the bike messenger.  Producer James Redford and Director Mark Decena were also there, as was actress and panelist moderator Sharon Lawrence.  See photos here on Facebook.

The event was a pre-grand opening event for Sundance Cinemas, a multi-city theater complex featuring high quality independent movies.

At both the Salt Lake City and West Hollywood events, we gathered postcard signatures for our “Restore The Colorado River Delta” campaign.  Over 300 people responded to our Call2Action to restore a small streamflow to the dry and degraded Colorado River Delta.  You can read more about this Call2Action here on the online petition.

In other news, a great editorial appeared in last week’s Salt Lake Tribune by river guide and Moab Chamber of Commerce boardmember, Sarah Sidwell, titled, “Save The Colorado River Economy.”  Take a read here and enjoy.

Sarah argues that we must protect this great river to protect the jobs and economy along the entire stretch of the Colorado River basin’s 7 states.

Finally, new polling in San Diego indicates that residents are increasingly supporting of and happy with water recycling programs and drinking recycled water.  Take a read of the story here on National Geographic.  A whopping 73% of residents support using water recycling as a part of the city’s water supply portfolio.

Thank you for your support!  Stay tuned for more updates!

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