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Save The Colorado River Update: Movies, Jewell’s and More!

Hello Friends of the Colorado River!

Need a movie night to get through these waning winter evenings?  Well, we have one that’s free online and all about the Colorado River.  The intrepid young adventurers formerly from Colorado College, Will Stauffer-Norris and Zak Podmore, recently released all 10 episodes of their journey paddling from the source of the Colorado River down to the Sea of Cortez.  Titled “Remains Of A River,” Will and Zak’s months-long adventure highlights the wilderness along the river as well as the challenges the river faces.  From the website: “From the mountains of Wyoming to the lettuce fields of Mexico, past dams and reservoirs and diversion canals, through plains and canyons and the lights of Las Vegas, Will Stauffer-Norris and Zak Podmore hiked, paddled and slogged their way down the Green and Colorado Rivers to the sea. Remains of a River, a series of ten short documentary films, is their unforgettable story.” Click through here and enjoy!

Everybody is talking about Sally Jewell!  Who is Sally Jewell??  As some of you may know, President Obama has nominated the current CEO of REI, Sally Jewell, as the new Secretary of Interior.  The recreation industry and the Western U.S. environmental community are all abuzz about this nomination.  Jewell has played a very strong role in making a very strong case for the protection and restoration of natural landscapes to also protect the recreational economy.  And, the Secretary of Interior plays a very strong role in how the Colorado River is managed.  Former Secretary of Interior, Ken Salazar, stood out in his work to protect and restore the Colorado River.  Will Sally Jewell take that legacy and move it faster forward?  We hope so!  Check out this story in Outside Magazine discussing Jewell’s accomplishments and challenges as the potential next Secretary of Interior.

Finally, our amazing friends at National Geographic have launched a new campaign, “Change The Course,” which is working hard to raise money to restore water to the Colorado River so it once again reaches the sea.  The campaign allows the public to “Take The Pledge” to conserve water, and then NatGeo’s corporate partners will restore 1,000 gallons of water to the river for every pledge taken.  We are delighted that this huge organization, National Geographic, has joined in the campaign to restore the river, and bringing in the business community to help raise money to improve river flows is just icing on the cake.  Thank you National Geographic!  Take a look at the Change The Course website here.

Take care friends, and Thank You For Your Support!

Gary Wockner
Director, Save The Colorado River Campaign

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