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President Obama and the Colorado River!

Hi Friends of the Colorado River!

President Obama and Colorado River Crop Art:

Last week when President Obama visited Colorado, his arrival in Grand Junction in Air Force One was accompanied by a huge “Crop Art” display in an alfalfa field very near the airport.  Check out the photo!

The crop art is one of the many methods that have been employed to get decision-makers’ attention about protecting the Colorado.  The project was created by Protect The Flows, a consortium of over 400 businesses that “rely on the Colorado River.”  Check out the story and the “behind the scenes” video of the project!

How low can your water conservation go?!

We are proud to help support the “90 by 20” campaign, an effort across the Southwest U.S. to encourage cities to cut residential water use to 90 gallons per capita per day by the year 2020. And, you can help out!  On the website, you can “sign the pledge” and then all of us can communicate with your water utility on your behalf.

Ninety gallons per person per day for residential use is not very low — in fact, some cities like Denver have already met that goal.  But other cities in the Southwest have a long way to go.  Using just 90 gallons per day can help restore a sense of balance to the river and protect water supplies and the river ecosystem for future generations.

Enter the Watershed Movie Sweepstakes to Win!  We’re heading to Salt Lake City and Los Angeles!

Next week, Robert Redford’s new Colorado River documentary, Watershed Movieis premiering in Salt Lake City (August 28th) and in Los Angeles (August 29th).  You can join in the fun by entering our Facebook sweepstakes to win Revo sunglasses, New Belgium Brewing “Ranger” t-shirts, and other swag.  Also, if you life in Salt Lake or Los Angeles, you can win tickets to see the movie.

Click here to enter the sweepstakes!

Thank you for your support of the Colorado River!











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