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Let’s Go Rafting! San Juan River, May 7 – 11, with OARS Whitewater Rafting

Hi Friends of the Colorado River!

Once again, OARS Whitewater Rafting is offering us a rafting trip in 2019, this year an early-season trip on the San Juan River. 

The 5-day, fully supported, deluxe trip is from May 7 – May 11, and is a fundraiser for Save The Colorado to support our work to fight proposed new dams and diversions on the Colorado River system. During the trip, you will learn more about our work, including information about multiple new proposed dams that we are fighting, the Colorado River “drought contingency plan”, and all the hullabaloo around the increasing demise of Glen Canyon Dam.

A calm, congenial river, the San Juan offers a relaxing rafting trip through a red rock labyrinth livened up by paddling fun, easy rapids. This is a chance to explore one of the most complex canyons in the Colorado Plateau as you zigzag over seven miles through the impressive Goosenecks of the Lower San Juan, where dramatic walls tower up to 1,000 feet in places.

The stunning sights don’t end there. As you head downstream you’re treated to glimpses of other rocky wonders like Cedar Mesa, Cowboy Hat and Eagle Rock, Native American ruins hidden atop cliffs, bighorn sheep grazing along the shore and brilliant star-filled desert skies. And just when you think the San Juan River can’t get any better, a stop to explore Slickhorn Gulch provides a refreshing dip in natural plunge pools and other hidden surprises nestled in this beautiful side canyon.

Click here to read more about the trip and reserve your seat!

Let’s Go Rafting! We will see you on the San Juan!

Gary Wockner
Director, Save The Colorado

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