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Lake Powell Pipeline Hammered!

Hi Friends of the Colorado River!

There was a lot of action last week!  Here’s a quick summary.

First, the proposed Lake Powell Pipeline was hammered by groups and in the media last week when it was revealed that the pipeline would likely cause water rates to quadruple in subscribing cities.  The $1 billion project proposes to pump water out of Lake Powell and pipe and pump it 140 miles west to southern Utah for growing cities.  A coalition of environmental groups and university economists blasted the pipeline, led by Citizens for Dixie’s Future and the Utah River’s Council in Utah, which developed and released this letter and short report.  This letter and report places yet another nail in the Pipeline’s coffin.  As time moves along, the evidence against the Pipeline is mounting.  Here’s a TV news story about the report (with a good video).

Second, the official Save The Colorado supported tour of Robert and Jamie Redford’s Watershed Movie concluded last week.  We went to the “Seven City Sins of the Southwest U.S” — San Diego,  Los Angeles, Phoenix, Tucson, Salt Lake City, Denver, and finally and aptly, Las Vegas.  The Vegas event was a great success, with a full house screening and local dignitaries on the panel including a County Commissioner and a State Senator.  Jenna Morton, Boardmember of the Springs Preserve, was an extraordinary host, as was Scot Rutledge for the Nevada Conservation League.  See all the photos of the event on our Facebook page here!

Third, some good news in the Grand Canyon!  The once-thought-Canyon-extirpated Razorback Sucker was found alive in the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, after 20 years of being missing in action.  Widely reported in the national press, one newspaper article says:  “The razorback sucker was one of the biggest suckers in North America at up to 3 feet in length, and it used to be found throughout the Colorado River system. It’s one of six fish species previously found only in the arms and branches of the Colorado River and nowhere else on the globe.”  We are happy to see this Sucker back in the canyon — hopefully more of his friends swam along on the trip.  And how about this, if the Razorback Sucker is still in the Grand Canyon, maybe Hayduke Lives in there somewhere too? 🙂

Finally, we cannot complete this post without noting that last week was the 40th anniversary of the Clean Water Act, a law that has fundamentally changed and protected America’s waterways including the Colorado River and its tributaries.  As one piece of a nationwide celebration last week, we note that Waterkeeper Alliance President, Bobby Kennedy Jr., made some waves in New York City by having the anniversary celebrated on the Nasdaq tower in Times Square!  Congratulations to Bobby, Waterkeepers everywhere, and to all organizations and people who have worked to protect and restore America’s waterways with the Clean Water Act!

Thank you for your support!

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