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Hundreds of news stories about the Endangered Colorado River

Hi Friends of the Colorado River!

As you know, last week the national river protection organization, American Rivers, announced that the Colorado is the most endangered river in America.  With this announcement came hundreds of news stories across the U.S.  The Associated Press version of the story was picked up by dozens of news outlets — take a read of that version here, which included excellent comments from Assistant Secretary of Interior, Anne Castle, who said: “The river is the essential foundation to the health and prosperity of the American Southwest,” Assistant Interior Secretary for Water and Science Anne Castle said in a statement. It “provides multiple and diverse benefits including water supplies for agriculture and people, outdoor recreation, clean energy generation, and unparalleled ecosystems.”  We greatly appreciate the Assistant Secretary’s comments and her diligence in supporting efforts to protect and restore the river over the last few years.

American River didn’t just make the announcement though, they created a pathway for citizen action to protect and restore the river.  The U.S. Congress can take leadership to help move this issue forward by better recognizing the endangered river and by investing money in water conservation and river preservation efforts across the Southwest U.S.  You can help us all out by clicking here to send an email to your members of Congress.  Several thousand people who want to protect and restore the river have already taken action — please click through now.

Thank you for your support of the Colorado River!  Stay tuned for more news, information, and action items you can take to help protect and restore this amazing resource.


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