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Colorado Rivers Update: Take a listen — Great River Podcast With Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Gary Wockner!

Hi Friends of the Colorado River and Cache la Poudre River!

I’m thrilled to share this new free Spotify podcast with you where Robert F. Kennedy Jr. interviews me about threats to the Colorado River and Cache la Poudre River. Kennedy is the founder of the global Waterkeeper Alliance and was named a “Hero of the Planet” by Time Magazine. His podcast — “The Defender” — is shared with hundreds of thousands of his fans and followers.

You can listen to the podcast free on Spotify by clicking here.

On this podcast, Kennedy and I discuss:

  1. How agencies like the Bureau of Reclamation are “captured” by the powerful interests that build dams and destroy rivers.

2. Why the Cache la Poudre River in Fort Collins is sometimes drained bone dry even in the spring and summer.

3. How Glen Canyon Dam has nearly destroyed the flow of water through the Grand Canyon.

4. Kennedy’s 1963 raft trip through the Grand Canyon with his father and how the rapids in the river used to have 40 foot waves before Glen Canyon Dam was built.

5. The increasing amount of pharmaceutical and chemical pollution in the Colorado River caused by cities like Las Vegas that threatens the drinking water supply for Arizona and Southern California.

6. How billionaires and Wall Street investors are buying farms and ranches to profit from water across the Southwest thus endangering the rivers, the public’s health, and our democracy.

7. Save The Poudre and Save The Colorado’s work to fight dams and protect flows in both rivers.

8. Our new “Rights of Nature for Rivers” program and why it’s so important to Southwestern U.S. Rivers.

The podcast starts:

“I have one of my favorite people on the podcast today, Gary Wockner, who works to protect the Poudre River and Colorado River. Gary is a writer of many articles and books who has won many awards from environmental groups. More than anything, Gary is a River Warrior who has spent his life trying to protect our waterways on behalf of our people, our communities, and our health.” — Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Again, you can listen to the podcast free on Spotify by clicking here.

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