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Colorado River Update: We’ve Had a FLURRY of Media Coverage About Our Work Protecting the Colorado River!

Hi Friends of the Colorado River!

We’ve had a FLURRY of media coverage about our work protecting the Colorado River over the last week.

First, about our “No New Dams and Diversions” campaign, our fight against the massive and senseless expansion of Gross Dam in Boulder County, CO, made news as we filed the long-awaited brief in our lawsuit against the project. Both the Denver Post and Law 360 covered the story, with the Post giving us great attention.

This lawsuit has been percolating for a few years in and out of court, and it’s now solidly in front of the federal district court in Denver and we are intent on seeing it through.

You can read the story in the Denver Post here. You can read the story in Law 360 here.

Second, also in our New New Dams and Diversions campaign, our fight against the proposed White River Storage Project in Rio Blanco County, CO, is heating up. Inside Climate News did a fieldtrip to the site, and thoroughly covered the story about this stupid project.

In fact, the tiny human population of Rio Blanco County is falling, not rising, and there’s actually more cows than people in the County. The proponent for the project — the Rio Blanco Water Conservancy District — has no reasonable use for the water, let alone any way to pay for the project that would cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

Of all the proposed dams we are fighting, this White River project is one of the dumbest and hopefully easiest to stop, and that’s why we are digging in our heels against it.

You can read the story in Inside Climate News here.

Third, our “Decommission Glen Canyon Dam” campaign continues to pick up steam as the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation moves forward with their Environmental Impact Statement on the Colorado River. KJZZ in Arizona posted a story titled, “Bypassing Glen Canyon Dam, Once Considered Radical, Is Becoming Mainstream”, and we had a strong voice in the article.

Further, the prominent publication, Arizona Daily Star, posted a story titled, “Two Prominent Farmers Join Call To Study Decommissioning Glen Canyon Dam,” that gave us some ink.

We’re continuing to push forward on this campaign because this is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to change how the Dam is managed, and even to get it bypassed and/or decommissioned.

You can read the KJZZ story here and the Arizona Daily Star story here.

Finally, we continue to push hard at the national level as well. Inside Climate News also posted a story about our opposition to bills moving through the U.S. Congress that would make it easier to build more hydropower dams by “streamlining” the permit process at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Titled, “Green Groups Divided Over Proposal To Boost The Nation’s Hydropower”, the story is posted here.

It’s your support that keeps us working hard and in the news!

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