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Colorado River Update: We’re Keeping The Pressure On Denver Water!

Hi Friends of the Colorado River,

Last week, the debacle at Gross Dam in Boulder County, CO, took another twisted turn. Denver Water decided that they needed to expand their quarry where they mine the rock used to build the massively expanded Gross Dam, but the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) decided differently.

In a strongly worded letter to Denver Water, USFS told Denver Water that to expand the quarry on USFS land, Denver Water would need to go through “at least 3 years” of new permitting through the National Environmental Policy Act. Further, USFS said Denver Water’s application for more “roadbuilding” and “exploratory drilling” was “insufficient”.

It’s not completely clear how this will play out, but it looks like it could delay the expansion of Gross Dam even longer. We will certainly engage around this new permitting chaos and force Denver Water and USFS to comply with the letter of the law.

Read about it in the Colorado Sun here.

We will keep the pressure on Denver Water and the USFS. Further, when we dig in our heels against a project, we don’t intend to stop unless some outcome that protects, or helps significantly mitigate the negative impacts to, the Colorado River is plausible.

Let this be a lesson to the dam builders across the Colorado River basin. If we offer to work with you, consider working with us. If we work against you, we are relentless.

It’s your support that keeps us relentless!

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