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Colorado River Update: Stop The Dam Near The Grand Canyon!

Hi Friends of the Colorado River,

Despite hearing opposition from over 87,000 of you, a private for-profit developer of a pumped storage hydropower project (read: “DAM”) near the Grand Canyon is still moving forward. Our friends at Save The Confluence have the story here.

So-called “pumped storage” is a type of electricity storage where water is pumped uphill at night when electric rates are cheaper, and then run downhill through a turbine during the daytime when electric rates are more expensive. The developer makes a profit by selling the electricity to the market.

These types of electricity storage schemes are very controversial because they waste more electricity than they generate, and this one in particular proposes to build a tall dam in “Big Canyon” near the Little Colorado River which would destroy a beautiful and pristine canyon near the heart of the Grand Canyon. Further, the Navajo Nation, which owns the land, 100% opposes the project and has intervened against it in the permit process with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

We are thrilled to also be opposing this ridiculous project and we represented by the non-profit law firm, Earthjustice, along with a coalition of groups.

Pumped Storage Hydropower is highly controversial and a questionable method to store electricity. In fact, we NEVER support pumped storage projects, and we wrote a blog about it here: “Why We Never Support Pumped Storage Hydropower“.

As long as the for-profit developer tries to dam and destroy the landscape near Grand Canyon National Park, we will continue to fight against him.

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Thank you!

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