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Colorado River Update! Lawsuit filed, 15 news hits, and we’re fired up for 2019!

Hi Amazing Friends of the Colorado River!

Thank you for all of your support and membership! We are pushing the edge of the change that needs to happen on the Colorado River, and it is your support and membership that makes our work happen.

Our Goal Is To Keep The River Flowing Strong!

Two weeks ago, we filed a new lawsuit against a massive proposed dam expansion in Colorado that would further drain the Colorado River. Our lawsuit got over 15 news hits in the media and put the dam builders on notice again that we mean business with our policy, “No New Dams And Diversions”. Check out our new video about our lawsuit — please take 90 seconds to watch it!

We got over 15 news hits about our lawsuit, including in the Denver Post, Boulder Daily Camera, Colorado Public Radio, and Associated Press. The Boulder Daily Camera story was the most comprehensive which you can review at this link here.

The Gross Dam expansion in Boulder County is just one of the dozen proposed new dams and diversions in the Colorado River basin that we are tracking and fighting against. Proposed new dams in Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado top the list of threats to the river and its tributaries. We are leading the fight, and leading a coalition of environmental groups, to address all of these threats throughout the three-state region.

In 2019, we intend to Take Our Work Up A Notch!

We will continue to fight proposed dams, as well as continue to address the biggest problem facing the river system — the ongoing drought and climate change. There are already TOO MANY DAMS in the Colorado River basin. In fact, there’s not enough water to fill the reservoirs that already exist, let alone proposed new reservoirs that might get built.

One specific dam — Glen Canyon Dam — is facing a reckoning as its water level falls, its hydroelectric capacity diminishes, and as the states of Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming struggle to keep the dam functional and Lake Powell alive. Save The Colorado believes that Glen Canyon Dam is an outdated relic whose time has passed, and in 2019 we intend to ramp up our campaign against this dam.

It is all of your support and membership that makes this work happen. Please renew your membership before the end of the year and receive a free copy of the book, Deadbeat Dams: Why We Need to Abolish the Bureau of Reclamation and Tear Down Glen Canyon Dam, written by our boardmember and former Commissioner of the Bureau of Reclamation, Dan Beard.

Please click here to renew your membership.

Thank you for supporting us throughout 2018, and stay tuned for all the action in 2019!

Gary Wockner, Director, Save The Colorado


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