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Colorado River Update: Hot Off The Presses — Our Solutions!

Hi Friends of the Colorado River!

As the Colorado River dam-and-reservoir system collapses and the Bureau of Reclamation steps in to force significant changes, we offer OUR solutions that not only enable the water users to stay in business, but also protect and restore the ecological health of the Colorado River itself.

Check out this op-ed in, penned by me today and reflecting our board of directors’ experience on how to solve the chaos on the river. Titled, “We Must Protect The Colorado River Itself (click here to read it),” the op-ed also links to our “Solutions” webpage (click here to read). And just in time because the Bureau of Reclamation is seeking public input on solutions to fix the massive problems on the river.

Our solutions don’t nibble around the edges or avoid The Dam Truth. Rather, we offer policies that will work for the next 50 years, for the ecology of the river, for the Native American tribes, for the water users, and for the barren Colorado River Delta in Mexico.

It’s time to quit nibbling and pull out our incisors and take a hard bite. It’s time to get real. It’s time speak truth to power and make consequential systemic changes that are sustainable over time. It’s time to quit growing bluegrass in the desert. It’s time to quit draining the river in order to grow hay that gets shipped across the ocean to China. It’s time to question continued “economic growth” in the Southwest U.S. It’s time to call a Deadbeat Dam a “DEADBEAT DAM”.

As the Bureau of Reclamation’s timeline plays out for making changes to the management of the river, we will be in the thick of it offering REAL changes that protect the Colorado River itself.

It’s your support that keeps us working hard. Please donate online by clicking here.


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