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Colorado River Update: Get The TRUTH and the REAL STORY on the Green Root Podcast!

Hi Amazing Friends of the Colorado River!

As the mainstream media continues to struggle and less long-form journalism gets printed, podcasts are taking up the space by offering lengthy discussions about consequential environmental issues. Some podcasts are wildly popular including those of Joe Rogan and Eric Weinstein, and are sometimes referred to as the “Intellectual Dark Web” where the REAL TRUTH gets told.

A few good environmental podcasts have also popped up including at The Rewilding Institute, and more recently the “Green Root Podcast” by former environmental journalist/activist Josh Schlossberg.

I was delighted to be the guest on the Green Root Podcast this week discussing the REAL TRUTH about hydroelectric dams and the environmental movement. On this podcast, titled, “The Ecological and Human Rights Consequences of Hydroelectric Dams (click here)“, we get into controversial issues including:

  • How small, edgy groups like Save The Colorado trying to make consequential change spend half of our time not just fighting the dam builders, but also fighting the big environmental groups who often support new dams.
  • Why the environmental community and the public must start talking about the environmental consequences of population growth, and how to talk about population growth the right way instead of the wrong way.
  • Why hydroelectric power is one of the worst forms of energy, and is sometimes even worse than fossil fuels.

You want the REAL TRUTH? Click here to listen to the podcast.

Enjoy, and Thank You for all of your support!

Gary Wockner, Director, Save The Colorado

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