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The Colorado: America’s Most Endangered River — Take Action Now!

Hi Friends of the Colorado River!

Today, the national river protection organization, American Rivers, named the Colorado as the Most Endangered River In America!

You Can Take Action Now — click through here to send an email to Congress!

Of course, that’s both bad news and good.  Bad, because it’s true — the threats to the river are nearly cataclysmic with supply outreaching demand and with the river’s ecosystem already stretched and depleted.  But it’s also good because it will bring attention to this amazing river and give you the opportunity to Take Action Now.  You can click right here and send a message to Congress to start protecting the Colorado River!

Take a look at this amazing video about the Most Endangered River in America.  It feeds us, fills our souls, provides for over 30 million people throughout the Southwest U.S.  The Colorado River is the Nile of the American Southwest, it runs through nine national parks including the Grand Canyon.  It starts in the snow-capped peaks of Rocky Mountain National Park.  But we have stretched it to the breaking point.

Newspapers across the U.S. are covering this story today, but you can help take a news story and turn it into a reality of action (click here!) . You Can Do It!

First, please click through here and take action now to contact members of Congress and ask them to protect and restore this great river.

Second, get on twitter and let your friends — and the world — know that we need to protect and restore this great river for future generations of people and for the natural ecosystem itself.  Sample tweets, below — go for it!:

Put #CORiver on path to recovery. Tell Congress to support smart water mgmt, conservation & efficiency #MER2013

#CORiver supports 4M acres land, 15% of US crops, $26B recreation economy. Act now to protect it. #MER2013

#CORiver: Building a dam/reservoir/pipeline won’t make it rain. Conservation is the key. #MER2013 

Thank You For Your Support!

Gary Wockner, Director, Save The Colorado River Campaign

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