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Take Action: 28 BILLION gallons of insanity — Stop the Lake Powell Pipeline to Save the Colorado River!

Hi Amazing Friends of the Colorado River!

First, HAPPY NEW YEAR! We are hitting the ground running with our swords pointed forward.

Second, Let’s start the New Year by taking action! The proposed Lake Powell Pipeline has just triggered its federal permit process and the deadline to comment is January 10th.

This project proposes to take about 28 BILLION gallons of new water out of the Colorado River every year to slake the never-ending thirst of rapid population growth in Southwest Utah.

We’ve created an ACTION ALERT for you to send a comment letter to the Bureau of Reclamation asking them to “Cancel The Lake Powell Pipeline” and protect the Colorado River. If Utah wants to be obsessed with growth, it will have to prioritize water conservation, not river destruction.

The link to the Action Alert is here. Just click through and sign your name. You can change the wording however you like.

Action Alert 


Third, we are facing yet another dam threat in the Colorado River system. This one is on the White River in Rio Blanco County, Colorado. Called the “White River Storage Project”, it may trigger the permitting process in 2020, and so we are sending a message — loud and clear — to Rio Blanco County taxpayers that they need to think carefully before starting this project. The project proposes to further dam and drain the White River, and the biggest proposed use of water is for “energy extraction” (fracking). The White River flows into the Green River which flows into the Colorado River.

Read our op-ed in The Rio Blanco County Herald Times (click here to read it), just posted today: “White River Storage Project Will Be Aggressive Opposed”.  In summary:

  • “The Wolf Creek/White River Dam project will be hotly contested. We’re not letting anyone get a free pass for a new dam/diversion that would further dam and deplete the Colorado River and its tributaries. The amount of water in the Colorado River is hotly contested, the endangered species in the Colorado River are hotly contested, and our organization just point-blank hates dams that drain and destroy rivers.” — Gary Wockner

Happy New Year, and Please Take Action!

Gary Wockner, Director, Save The Colorado

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