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SUCCESS! Redford Center Raises $10 Million for Colorado River Delta!

Hi Friends of the Colorado River!

SUCCESS! Four years ago, in 2012, we were excited to help fund and support the Redford Center to launch their new film, “Watershed.” Narrated by Robert Redford and Screenshot (328)co-produced by his son, Jamie, the film offers a positive spin on the challenges facing the Colorado River. Due to the film’s early success, the Redford team created the “Raise The River” campaign, the goal of which was to raise $10 million to buy water to restore a small flow to the bone dry Colorado River Delta where it not longer meets the Gulf of California.

Just last week, Jamie Redford announced on his youtube channel (click here to see it) that Raise the River met its fundraising goal of $10 million! That’s great news, and it’s coupled with the fact that the United States and Mexico are continuing to have positive negotiations about putting more water back in the Delta. We are so happy to have helped launch this great film and initiative — Great work and congratulations goes to Team Redford!

It’s time to go rafting this summer! Can you fit a trip in? We still have a few seats available in our Cataract Canyon raft trip, courtesy of OARS. It’s going to be a GREAT oars-cataracttrip in the Canyonlands of legendary Southeast Utah. July 31st – Aug. 5th. See details by clicking here.

A BIG THANK YOU! to everyone who donated to Save The Colorado during our Spring 2016 fundraising campaign. If you haven’t yet donated, of course there’s still time! 🙂 (Click here to donate.) Our Spring fundraising drive focused on raising funds to support our campaign to fight the Moffat Collection System Project, a disastrous proposed dam/diversion scheme by Denver Water to suck even more water out of the Colorado River and pour tens-of-thousands of tons of cement across South Boulder Creek in Boulder County, Colorado, to enlarge an already large dam on that creek. We oppose this river-destroying dam-building project, and we have dug in our heels to stop it. Why? And what can you do to help stop it? Click here to read about the project and our outreach campaign to the Boulder County Commissioners. And yes, again, you can donate here to help us fight the project!

Summer is warming up and feeling great! And we at Save The Colorado are feeling great too! So much so that we are now planning for our Fall 2016 and 2017 campaigns. Here’s a teaser: Get Ready For A BIG, FUN Water Fight!

Stay tuned for all the ACTION and THANK YOU for your support!



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