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Hi Amazing Friends of the Colorado River!

Wow — what an amazing two weeks! The flurry of appointments that Donald Trump made to his cabinet the last two weeks has created a huge controversy across the Western United States. Trump
has given the keys to America’s West away to Big Oil, period
. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of emails and stories on Facebook about his radical anti-environmental appointments for Dept of Energy, Secretary of State, EPA Administrator, and Secretary of Interior, and so we don’t have to repeat them all here.

Not only is the management of the millions of acres of public land around the Colorado River in serious jeopardy, but so is the management of the Colorado River itself. The President and the Secretary of Interior have their hands on the spigot, control many of the dam proposal processes, and can make consequential changes that could be detrimental to the health of the river. So:

First, 2017 is going to be a doozy! We are going to do everything we can to hold back the onslaught of attacks against the Colorado River ecosystem, including to its water, wildlife, and landscapes. Expect fierce resistance from Save The Colorado!

Second, thank you for all of your amazing support in 2016! Your support for Save The Colorado helped postpone every single dam-building proposal in the entire Colorado River basin! We fought every proposal to a standstill, and as we head into 2017, we are positioned well to keep fighting hard.

Third, we are still offering this awesome fundraising bonus — a free signed copy of my new book: RIVER WARRIOR: FIGHTING TO PROTECT THE WORLD’S RIVERS!


Here’s what former Commissioner of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Dan Beard, said about RIVER WARRIOR:

“I just finished reading Gary Wockner’s latest book, RIVER WARRIOR, and it’s excellent. It’s a fascinating plea for river protection and advocacy whether it’s on the local, national or international scale. He shows that river protection has no boundaries whether you’re fighting to protect a river in North America, Africa, Asia or South America. Gary’s passion for fighting dams and protecting rivers comes through loud and clear. If you care about rivers and want to protect them, I urge you to buy a copy of his book. You won’t be disappointed.” — Dan Beard, former Commissioner U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and author of Deadbeat Dams

River Warrior’s 162 pages are filled with my eco-adventure travels and impassioned voice about saving rivers in Peru, Thailand, Belize, Mexico, Columbia, and Costa Rica, as well as the COLORADO RIVER and Cache la Poudre River in the U.S.

By donating $35 or more before the end of 2016, you will help us FIGHT TRUMP, FIGHT DAMS, and Protect the Colorado River’s water, wildlife and landscapes. You will also get a FREE SIGNED COPY of my brand new book, RIVER WARRIOR.

Click here to donate to Save The Colorado and please join us today!

Thank you for all of your AMAZING support! 2017, HERE WE COME!

Gary Wockner, PhD
Director, Save The Colorado

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