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Save The Colorado Supports “NOT ONE MORE DROP” at July 25 West Slope “Summit”

PRESS STATEMENT: Summit on the Colorado Water Plan
July 23, 2015
Save The Colorado

The Garfield County, Colorado, Commissioners have invited all the county commissioners from 22 Western Slope Colorado counties to attend a “Summit on the Colorado Water Plan” that is scheduled for 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. July 25 at Colorado Mountain College in Rifle.  This “Summit” is in response to the “7 points” in the Colorado Water Plan that lay the groundwork for a new large trans-mountain diversion from the Colorado River over to the Denver metropolis. Just such a massive diversion was discussed last week in this Denver Post story here. If such a diversion were to happen, it would likely start a water war across the Southwest U.S. as states fight over the dwindling Colorado River.

These “7 points” have been very controversial. See Aspen Times story here:
The Garfield County Commissioners have put forward a “NOT ONE MORE DROP” proposal to counter the 7 points. The Summit should be a lively event.

“These West Slope commissioners are heading the right direction. Save The Colorado supports a “Not One More Drop” policy for the entire state that should be adopted in the Colorado Water Plan. Colorado’s rivers have already been drained and depleted — it’s high time to focus on conservation, efficiency, growth management, and collaboration with farmers instead of further draining Colorado’s rivers.”  — Gary Wockner, Save The Colorado

Gary Wockner, PhD, Executive Director
Save the Colorado
PO Box 1066, Fort Collins, CO 80522

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