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Save The Colorado Accepts Grant Applications

Save the Colorado River Campaign Will Accept Grant Applications June 1 for 2012 Granting Cycle

Ft. Collins, CO – May 31, 2012 – The Save the Colorado River Campaign (STC) will begin accepting applications for its 2012 granting cycle on June 1, 2012, with the deadline to submit on June 30, 2012. The Save the Colorado River campaign is a philanthropic partnership that protects and restores the health of the Colorado River by raising public awareness and by inspiring and supporting nonprofit environmental organizations. Granting decisions for this latest round of financing will be made in August and each recipient will receive between $2,500 and $15,000. The grants are made possible by support from several STC partners such as New Belgium Brewing, which helped develop the campaign.

This is the third year that the Save the Colorado River Campaign will award grants to environmental groups that work up and down the river basin – from Denver to San Diego – to help protect and restore the Colorado River. Thirty million people in the Southwest use the Colorado River’s water and over the last decade, the river has been drained – all five trillion gallons – before it reaches the Gulf of California. STC created this granting program to help protect the Colorado River and bring together organizations with similar missions.

Last year, the Save the Colorado River Campaign awarded 15 organizations a total of $170,000. Examples of some of the recipients and how they used the funds in the past year, include:

  • Aspen Global Change Institute/Pete McBride: Pete used the funds from the STC grant to help support and promote his documentary about the Colorado River, “Chasing Water.” The grant helped to increase awareness about the film and its message and pay for the distribution and continued music rights. Pete credits the STC funds with starting the snowball effect that has allowed his film to reach people around the world leading to many awards and honors from film festivals.
  • Great Basin Water Network: The Great Basin Water Network (GBWN) used its 2011 STC funds to help spread the word about the expense and environmental harm that would be associated with the proposed Southern Nevada Water Authority’s groundwater pipeline. The funds allowed GBWN to host tables at farmers markets, recruit volunteers and deliver thousands of petitions to urge elected officials to withdraw support of the pipeline.
  • Glen Canyon Institute: The Glen Canyon Institute (GCI) used its grant from the Save the Colorado campaign to oppose destructive Colorado River diversion projects, such as the Lake Powell and Flaming Gorge Pipelines. The Institute also hosted a Colorado River Summit in May 2012 to identify goals and opportunities for collaborative action to help sustain the Colorado River system. GCI also partnered with hydrologist Tom Myers on research to show the importance of filling Lake Mead first as a strategy to increase water supply and storage in the basin.

To get a full list of the 2011 beneficiaries, please visit:

To apply for a 2012 grant, go to The application asks for information about the applying nonprofit, the project the group is involved with (or is proposing), and how it relates to the Save the Colorado River Campaign. For more information on the STC Campaign, visit:


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