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PRESS RELEASE: St. Vrain Creeks in Lyons, CO, are now Better Protected due to our work!

For Immediate Release
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St. Vrain Creeks in Lyons, CO, are now Better Protected due to our work!

Lyons, CO: Save The Colorado is thrilled to announce that the St. Vrain Creeks in Lyons, CO, are now better protected due to our work! Over the last two years, we’ve meet with Town officials several times to move forward a Rights-of-Nature like resolution, and finally on Nov. 20th, we were successful!

The resolution unanimously supported by the Town Board is titled, “PROTECTING THE NORTH AND SOUTH ST. VRAIN CREEK WATERSHEDS AND THEIR ASSOCIATED ECOSYSTEMS,” and is posted here for the public to see.

The resolution states:

“The Town Board resolves that the St. Vrain Creek watersheds, including the plants, animals, and associated ecosystems, should be considered in all decisions that could impact them. The Town Board recognizes that the St. Vrain Creeks should possess, at minimum, the following fundamental conditions:

  1. A flow sufficient in quantity to support and maintain ecosystem health;
  2. A functioning channel and floodplain riverine ecosystem, including horizontal and longitudinal connectivity, areas for infiltration of precipitation and groundwater recharge, moving and depositing sediments, and the natural habitats for native plants and animals;
  3. That the watersheds feed and be fed by rainfall, snowmelt, and aquifers;
  4. That biodiversity is maintained; and
  5. That the predominantly free-flowing nature of the South St. Vrain Creek is maintained.”

“We give a huge Thank You to the Lyons Town Board and the Lyons Ecology Advisory Board for working with us for over two years to bring this resolution to fruition,” said Gary Wockner of Save The Colorado. “The St. Vrain Creeks and Watershed are a special place that deserve the best possible protection.”

In 2024, Save The Colorado will continue to work with local people, groups, and governments across Colorado and beyond to expand the protection of our life-supporting waterways.


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