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PRESS RELEASE: Engineer Wants New Colorado Nuke Plant To Provide Water To Cities

For Immediate Release
October 20, 2015
Contact: Gary Wockner, E.D., Save The Colorado, 970-218-8310

AWRA Hosts Eccentric Idea to Rekindle St. Vrain Nuclear Powerplant to Purify and Deliver South Platte River Water to the Front Range

Denver, CO: At its October 27, 2015 meeting the American Water Resources Association’s Colorado Section is hosting a “program” by the President of Aquacraft Inc. to present the idea of rekindling Colorado’s closed-down St. Vrain Nuclear Powerplant in order to use the heat from the reactors to purify highly polluted water in the South Platte River, and then to send that water to municipalities along the Front Range (see link here). The program announcement says the technology can help fill the “gap” in water demand identified by the Colorado Water Plan process.

“Building a nuclear powerplant to drain the South Platte River to provide water for lawns in suburbs along the Front Range of Colorado ranks as one of the newest and most ‘eccentric’ ideas we’ve seen so far in the Colorado Water Plan process,” said Gary Wockner of Save The Colorado and Save The Poudre. “Why not just build a pipeline from Mars instead?”

Save The Colorado points out that conservation, efficiency, and buying water from farmers is always a faster, easier, and cheaper way to get water.  In fact, if just 10% of all of the farm water in Colorado was transferred to cities, it would fill the gap through the year 2050.

“We don’t have a water gap,” said Wockner. “We have a gap in common sense that is keeping our society from embracing the fastest, easiest, cheapest solution to Colorado’s water problems.”


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