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Please take action now! The State of Colorado needs to hear your river-saving voice!

Hello Friends of the Colorado River!

We need your help!  Can you please reach out to Colorado’s Governor, John Hickenlooper, now?

Over one half of all the water that flows in the Colorado River — from Colorado to Los Angeles and Mexico — originates as snow in the mountains in the state of Colorado. n-JOHN-HICKENLOOPER-large570And so how Colorado manages its water is critical to the health of the river and to the entire Southwest U.S.

But we have a problem!  The State of Colorado has started to create a “Colorado Water Plan” that is in danger of being hijacked by water developers who want to drain even more water out of all of Colorado’s rivers and pipe it to the Denver metropolitan area to fuel, subsidize, and slake the thirst of new growth. These developers and cities need to focus on water conservation, efficiency, and recycling instead of draining more water out of our rivers.

Your voice can make a difference now at a critical time.  Please click here to our Email Campaign to send an email to Governor John Hickenlooper.  Your email will be taken as “public comment” in the Colorado Water Plan process, and it needs to come as soon as possible.

coriver-delta-jpgA lot is at stake.  As you know, the Southwest U.S. and California are in an extended drought.  Climate change is already here and further threatening the health of our rivers.  And, the human population of the Southwest continues to grow.  States and cities need to chart a new path forward — a major course correction — and focus on conservation as soon as possible.

Take a good long look at the photograph to the left!  We’ve been covering this story of the restored “pulse flow” to the Colorado River Delta for a couple of months.  By Thursday, the Colorado River is likely to meet the Sea of Cortez — you can see it almost there now, flowing downstream and edging closer to the tidal channel of sea water that flows upstream.  At the very moment in history when we are making great strides to restore the Colorado River IS NOT the moment to start diverting even more water out of it.  Enjoy the photo, and stay in touch with our facebook page to see updates.  And again, please click through here to send an email to Governor Hickenlooper.

Thank you for your support!  It matters!

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