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PRESS RELEASE: Moffat Project Fails The Checklist Criteria For Building The Tallest Dam In The History Of Colorado

For Immediate Release
Sept 30, 2016
Contact: Gary Wockner, Save The Colorado, 970-218-8310

Moffat Collection System Project Fails The Colorado Water Plan Checklist Criteria For Building The Tallest Dam In The History Of Colorado

Boulder, CO: The Boulder-based policy group, Western Resource Advocates, has created a “Colorado Water Plan Project Criteria Checklist” for evaluating potential new water projects in Colorado. Here’s the reasons why the Moffat Collection System grossdam1Project (which would take a new 4 billion gallons of water out of the Colorado River every year and massively expand Gross Reservoir in Boulder County to build the tallest dam in the history of Colorado) does not meet the checklist criteria:

1. Do local communities support this proposal? NO

The thousand or more families that live near and around Gross Reservoir in Boulder County oppose the proposal, as do many people in Grand County. They have united together under the banner of TEG-Colorado to move their opposition forward. In addition, other environmental groups who have members in those local communities also oppose this proposal

2. Does the project fulfill real water needs? NO
In fact, Denver Water doesn’t even need the water — as their population grows, their water use is going lower and lower. See this post.

3. Can it be done sustainably, avoiding harm to the environment? NO
Groups opposing the project have created a 2-page list of the many negative impacts to the community and environment. See list here.

4. Can we afford it? NO
Denver Water could spend just half the estimated $380 million on conservation, efficiency, and other alternative water supply methods and easily create an even larger reduction in their water use.

Moffat Collection System Project = TOTAL FAIL ON THE CHECKLIST CRITERIA


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