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Media Statement: Northern Water brags about “tallest dam built in Colorado in 50 years”

In yesterday’s Loveland Reporter Herald, Northern Water is bragging about how their proposed new dam at the proposed Chimney Rock Reservoir would be the “tallest dam built in 50 years in Colorado.”

Save The Colorado’s response:

“If the Army Corps permits this project, we will do an intense analysis of the permit and address it accordingly,” said Gary Wockner of Save The Colorado. “Destroying rivers with dams and diversions is exactly a 50 year old technology and that’s why we shouldn’t do it anymore. Bragging about the height of a dam is like bragging about the height of a smokestack from a coal-fired powerplant. We are smarter than that now — conservation, efficiency, recycling and working with farmers is the future for water supply in Colorado.”

Save The Colorado’s policy is “no new dams and diversion.” The Windy Gap Firming Project proposes to divert a new 30,000 acre feet (~9 billion gallons) out of the Colorado River. The result would mean that over 75% of the water in the Colorado River would be diverted out before the river reaches the town of Hot Sulphur Springs.


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