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LET’S GO RAFTING! Save The Colorado trip: May 17 − 21, Yampa River.

Hi Friends of the Colorado River!

Have you ever kissed the Tiger Wall on the Yampa River?

Spring is just around the corner (isn’t it?) and we have an exciting raft trip planned during high water in May on the Yampa River, May 17 − 21!

Born of melting snows and glaciers high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, the Yampa River is one of the least dammed tributaries of the Colorado River system, and its free-flowing, untamed Class III and IV rapids flow through the heart of Dinosaur National Monument. In the spring the Yampa River offers sandy beaches, deep, colorful canyons, habitats for native plants and animals, and other splendid features of a river unfettered by man-made obstructions. There is also a hundred-year-old outlaw hideout called Stubs Cabin tucked away near the river!

The trip details are posted here:

Our amazing friends at OARS Whitewater Rafting are offering this fully supported trip as a fundraiser for Save The Colorado — OARS will be generously donating a portion of your trip payment to our organization. You can go rafting on the Yampa and support saving the Colorado River at the same time.

Please check out this trip! Share it with your friends! Join us!

Let’s Go Rafting!

Gary Wockner
Director, Save The Colorado


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