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Is Boulder County, Colorado, the Best River Protector in the West?

Hi Friends of the Colorado River!

It’s a contest! Who will win?

Over the next month or two, Boulder County, Colorado, has the opportunity to be THE leader in river protection across the Western United States.

First, the Boulder County Commissioner will get to make a BIG decision about the massive proposed expansion of Gross Dam in Boulder County. Denver Water, which owns Gross Dam and Reservoir,  proposes to massively expand the dam, divert and impound billions of more gallons of Colorado River water per year, and launch the biggest and most environmentally destructive construction project in Boulder County history.

We’ve been working  to help stop the Gross Dam expansion for over a decade by providing funding to groups fighting it, leading the legal charge against it in court, and helping to organize the local community to stand up and speak out against the massive proposed dam. In July and August of this year, the County has to decide if it will approve or deny Denver Water’s application and permit. We are working hard to provide technical comments into the permit process that should help the County OPPOSE and DENY this disastrous project.

Stay tuned for more action on this Big Dumb Dam Fight!

Second, just 15 miles upstream of the City of Boulder along Boulder Creek, sits the quiet mountain town of Nederland. Locally called “Ned”, the community of 1,500 people has a deep love of the environment — nature trails for hiking and biking surround the community, with National Forest and Wilderness Area providing immense opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors.

Flowing through it all is Boulder Creek which starts at the Continental Divide and then, during the spring runoff, roars through Nederland surrounded by a small protected corridor of willow-covered landscape teeming with wildlife. 

Nederland, Colorado, could be the first community in the state of Colorado to enact a “Rights of Nature for Rivers” resolution to protect the Boulder Creek watershed. Over the last month, we’ve made presentations to the “Nederland Sustainability Advisory Board” and the “Parks Recreation and Open Space Advisory Board”, both of which have unanimously endorsed a “Right of Nature for Boulder Creek Watershed” resolution.

In early July, we’re presenting to the Nederland Board of Trustees and we are optimistic that Nederland may become a world leader in the “Rights of Nature” movement.

Stay tuned for more on this Exciting River-Protection Opportunity!

We are working hard and greatly appreciate your support!

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Thank you for everything you do!

Gary Wockner, Director, Save The Colorado

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