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Hormone-disrupting chemicals associated with fracking found in Colorado River

Hello Friends of the Colorado River,

A few days ago the University of Missouri School of Medicine sent out a press release about a new peer-reviewed scientific journal publication by their researchers, titled, “MU Researchers Find Fracking Chemicals Disrupt Hormone Function.”  The press release is here.   Of note in the publication is that one of the testing sites was in the Colorado River in Garfield County, Colorado.  Researchers stated these results:

“The water samples from drilling sites demonstrated higher endocrine-disrupting activity that could interfere with the body’s response to androgen and estrogen hormones. Drilling site water samples had moderate-to-high levels of endocrine-disrupting activity, and samples from the Colorado River showed moderate levels.”

The Denver Post reported on this research yesterday, with a quote from endocrinologist Dr. Theo Colborn, but did not mention that one of the testing sites was in the Colorado River.  Also in the Post article, it is reported that the chief water quality regulator for the State of Colorado, Steve Gunderson, questioned the results. posted the story, and Dr. Sandra Steingraber blogged about it noting that the Colorado River downstream of Garfield County provides drinking water for millions of people in Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and Southern California.

Here is Save The Colorado’s statement about this research:  “We agree with Drs Colborn and Steingraber that this finding should elicit further research.  With around 20,000 active wells in Western Colorado and another 20,000 proposed, regulators in the State of Colorado — led by Governor John Hickenlooper — need to ensure that the millions of people who drink Colorado River water are not exposed to hormone-disrupting fracking chemicals.”

Thank you for your interest in protecting and restoring the Colorado River!

Gary Wockner, PhD
Campaign Coordinator
Save the Colorado
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