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Colorado Water Plan a “Missed Opportunity”

Media Statement
Nov. 19, 2015
Save The Colorado. Contact Gary Wockner: 970-218-8310

“The Colorado Water Plan has been a missed opportunity. Instead of focusing on changing the system to be more sustainable — using conservation, growth management, and sharing water with farmers — the Plan also proposes to further drain and destroy the already degraded rivers of Colorado and even across state lines. In the climate-changed world we increasingly face, Colorado needs systemic change in its water policies to ensure river protection as well as water supplies for people. Our organization is committed to fighting to stop new dams and diversions, and to protecting the rivers of Colorado for future generations of people and all of the non-human critters that rely on rivers for their survival.” — Gary Wockner

Gary Wockner, PhD, Executive Director
Save the Colorado
PO Box 1066, Fort Collins, CO 80522

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