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Colorado River Update: We Need Your Help in Boulder County, Colorado!

Hi Friends of the Colorado River!

Send an email to the Boulder County Commissioners by clicking here.

After years of litigation and conflict, Denver Water has finally been forced to go through the Boulder County, Colorado, permitting process for the massive Gross Dam expansion. The proposed dam would be built to further drain the Colorado River and send the water to the sprawling Denver metropolis, mostly to keep the grass green in the hot summer.

Further, the dam would be the tallest in the history of Colorado and would be the biggest and most environmentally damaging construction project in Boulder County history!

We are “all in” in the fight to stop this dam and we need your help.

Denver Water’s application was totally incomplete and needs to be rejected and completely re-done. Public comments on this initial stage of the permit are due this Friday at 5pm (Nov. 13th), and we need you to send in a comment letter.

We’ve created a quick email form here to make it easy for you — please click here to send a comment letter to the Boulder County Commissioners!

You can send this email no matter where you live — the Colorado River affects everyone in the U.S., and your voice matters.

Thank you for taking action!

— Gary Wockner, Save The Colorado

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