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Colorado River Update: We Get The Last Word in the LOS ANGELES TIMES!

Hi Friends of the Colorado River,


As the annual and important “Colorado River Water Users Association” meeting in Las Vegas wrapped up last week, media from across the Southwest wrote stories summing up the chaos. The LOS ANGELES TIMES chose to highlight Save The Colorado’s SOLUTIONS to the crisis and give us the last word in their FRONT PAGE article.

The LA TIMES stated:

The declining levels at Lake Powell have led to renewed calls among some environmentalists for the federal government to drain the reservoir and decommission Glen Canyon Dam. Gary Wockner of the group Save The Colorado said the federal government “is setting itself up to simply kick the can down the road rather than fix the problems on the river.”

Wockner said draining the water that is left in Lake Powell and storing it downstream in Lake Mead would be a vastly better approach.

In written comments to the federal government, Wockner said this type of “one reservoir” solution would be cheaper, environmentally beneficial and “less politically corrosive than trying to quickly dry up a few millions of acres of farms to try and temporarily save Lake Powell.”

In our comments to the Bureau of Reclamation, we told them that ALL climate science indicates that the Colorado River will likely have significantly and consistently lower flows in the future, perhaps mirroring some of the lowest hydrology on record, like 2021. The Bureau must prepare and manage for “worst-case scenarios”. Further, the Colorado River not only needs to be “fixed,” steps need to be taken – using Nature-Based Solutions – that are also “climate action” to mitigate, and create adaptation to, climate change.

As 2022 runs out the clock, Save The Colorado will run through the tape to New Year’s Eve! We work everyday to make a difference, to keep the River alive for future generations, to be YOUR VOICE amidst the chaos and uncertainty.

Thank you for your support!

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