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Colorado River Update! Take Two Action Items to Protect The River!

Hello Friends of the Colorado River!

We have two action items today — one in New Mexico and one in Southern California!

First in New Mexico, there’s a proposal on the table to build a massive new diversion of water out of the Gila River, which is one of the last wild rivers in the Southwest U.S. and gila-protest2the Colorado River basin. The proposal would use federal money to divert the Gila and take the water over to cities and farms in Southwest New Mexico.  But, there’s counter proposals to use the money instead to promote water conservation and efficiency projects in the same cities and farms.  We are on the side of water conservation and efficiency!  Further, by Dec. 31st, New Mexico Governor Susanna Martinez’s “Interstate Stream Commission” will make their decision about whether to support the diversion or not.  We’ve launched a petition on to Governor Martinez encouraging her to protect the Gila River, not gila-billboard1divert it.  Please click through here to sign our petition to tell Governor Martinez to stop the diversion and protect the Gila River!

As you may know, the Gila River is a “tributary” to the Colorado River — the Gila flows through New Mexico and Arizona, and then flows into the Colorado River.  Save The Colorado’s mission is to protect and restore the Colorado River and its tributaries from the source to the sea.  We are keeping track of dam and diversion projects throughout the Colorado River basin, and this Gila diversion is a bad idea!  Again, please click through and join thousands of New Mexicans to protect the Gila!  Governor Martinez needs to hear from us as soon as possible, and before the Dec. 31st deadline.

Second, some good news — and therefore a THANK YOU — in Southern California! The Mayors of San Diego and Los Angeles have recently taken stronger steps to address the drought and water supply challenges in Southern California.  Both cities get up to 1/2 of their water from the Colorado River, and both cities are moving forward with alternative water supply opportunities that could better protect the Colorado River.  Further, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer recently took a strong stance to help lead his City Council to support a big new water recycling facility in the City.  So, we created this Facebook “THANK YOU” for Mayor Faulconer of San Diego and Mayor Garcetti of Los Angeles. (Their fine photos are below). Please click through here to “like” and thank

We will keep working across the Colorado River basin to support good projects and stop bad ones.  Stay tuned for more action, and thank you for your support!


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