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Colorado River Update: Take Action to STOP the Lake Powell Pipeline!

Hello Friends of the Colorado River!

Please take action to help STOP the proposed Lake Powell Pipeline. The public comment period is closing in on Saturday, Feb. 27th (tomorrow), and we need you to send an email lake-powell-pipeline-routeto the federal government today asking them to stop this disastrous project that would drain another 28 BILLION gallons of water out of the Colorado River every single year. The Colorado River is already stretched to the breaking point — taking more water out of the river to subsidize growth and waste in Utah’s desert is nonsensical.

You can click through here to the Federal Energy Regulator Commission’s (FERC) website to send them an email. After you register, FERC will send you back a link to click on to send in your comments. The Lake Powell Pipeline “Docket Number” is P-12966-000.

Suggested Comments (you can copy/paste this if you want, or put it in your own words, or give them your own opinion/facts about why the pipeline should be stopped):

Despite the fact that the State of Utah has spent 8 years and $27 million of taxpayer money on these studies, there are significant concerns that are not being properly addressed in the latest study reports:
1. An audit on the Division of Water Resources shows that flawed data is being used to demonstrate the need for this project.
2. All the costs of the Pipeline, including financing, operations and maintenance should be clearly presented.
3. Less expensive alternatives to the Pipeline such as better water management, greater emphasis on conservation and more effective use of existing supplies must be included fairly and without bias when analyzing the pipeline project.
4.The studies do not sufficiently consider the impact of Climate Change on current and projected flows of the Colorado River and its ability to supply water for the pipeline.
5. The studies do not sufficiently consider the negative impact on the Grand Canyon ecosystem of draining 28 billion gallons of water out of the Colorado River each year.
Thank you for taking action today to protect and restore the Colorado River!
Stay tuned for more ACTION! And Thank You for your support.
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