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Colorado River Update: Take Action to RESTORE the Grand Canyon!

Hello Amazing Friends of the Colorado River!

We have a once-in-a-lifetime historic opportunity to ask the U.S. government, which manages and controls Glen Canyon Dam and river flows in the Grand Canyon, to take a bold step forward to RESTORE the Grand Canyon!

Click Here to Send an Email and Take Action!

plane-gc-opt-take-actionTen days ago the U.S. Dept. of Interior released the Glen Canyon Dam management plan “Final Environmental Impact Statement” (FEIS) and put it out for a 30-day public review.

We reviewed the FEIS and it has serious problems. First, it does not take climate change seriously and relies on old science that underestimates the impact climate change will have on flows in the Colorado River. Second, it fails to even consider removing Glen Canyon Dam as a viable alternative even though drought and climate change are draining both Lakes Powell and Mead to historic lows with no end in sight. Third, it fails to comply with the Endangered Species Act. And Fourth, it fails to analyze the climate change emissions that are caused by the dam.

Save The Colorado and other groups have sent the Dept. of Interior dozens of pages of technical and legal documents that fully describe the 4 problems above. In addition, the public — THAT’S YOU! — has the right to send them an email and express your concern for the problems in the FEIS. 

For over 50 years, Glen Canyon Dam has completely blocked the Colorado River before it reaches the Grand Canyon. This blockage is just like blocking an artery in a person’s body — it has stopped the flow of warm water, sediment, nutrients, and pulses of high flows that helped carve and sustain the Grand Canyon for millions of years. Glen Canyon Dam now sends down a cold, sterile, steady flow of water that is irrevocably damaging the Grand Canyon, draining its virility and health.


We have until Nov. 14th to make all of our voices heard in this 30-day review period. Please send them an email. We need to RESTORE the Grand Canyon!

Thank You For Taking Action!

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