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Colorado River Update: Take Action to Protect The Grand Canyon!

Hello Friends of the Colorado River!

Happy February — let’s get to work!  First, we are delighted to join in the effort to protect the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon by promoting the “Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument.” Further, we are excited to give a big THANK YOU and AZ-Dems-smallshout out to three Arizona Congress members who just last week wrote a letter to President Obama asking him to designate the Monument. This Monument would protect water quality and landscapes in the greater Grand Canyon area and keep this gem beautiful and alive for future generations.  You can click through here to our facebook page to “like” and “thank” U.S. Congressmembers Ann Kirkpatrick, Raul Grijalva, and Rueben Gallego. Please Click Here To Thank Them.

These three friends of protected landscapes and the Grand Canyon ecosystem stand out in their leadership. President Obama needs to designate the National Monument to continue his own environmental leadership in has last two years in office. You can read more about the Monument and their letter to Obama in this news report here. It’s great to see members of Congress acting to protecting our river and environment!

Second, could 2015 be the biggest dam removal year in America? Our friends at the national environmental group American Rivers have created this cool map of all of dam-removal-map-screenshot-500x302the dam removal projects in American history. In 2014, 72 dams were removed. In 2015, we’ve joined with American Rivers to set a goal of 75! Let’s take down those Deadbeat Dams!

The river renaissance in America is running across the country — we need to keep it alive and moving in the Colorado River basin states too. Check out this nice blog post in National Geographic written by friend of the river Michelle Nijhuis. And also notice on the map that almost no dams have been removed in the Colorado River basin of the Southwest U.S. Let’s get moving (removing?). Further, the powers that be are trying to build even more dams in the Southwest U.S. to further drain and destroy the Colorado River ecosystem — that’s the WRONG direction! We need to remove dams, not build more.

What Can You Do About It? Join Us!  On January 1, 2015, Save The Colorado launched our $15 membership program so that you can join us in protecting the Colorado STC_tshirtRiver, fighting new dams, and keeping the water flowing for people and the endangered fish and ecosystem across the Southwest U.S. And, when you join Save The Colorado, we will send you this amazing and famous t-Shirt.

Please click through here to become a member of Save The Colorado!

For just $15, you become a member of Save The Colorado AND receive this cool t-shirt that comes in men’s and women’s options for all shapes and sizes. Nothing quite adorns a raft or camping trip like wearing the official t-shirt of the “Skinny Dippers” in the Colorado River.

Stay tuned for more action on how to protect and restore the Colorado River — we’ll keep you informed every week about all the news and updates across the basin in New Mexico, Colorado, Southern California and all points in between.

Keep up the great work — Go Team!

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