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Colorado River Update: Save The Colorado Makes National News and gets National Attention!

Hi Friends of the Colorado River!

We continue to make national news because our work continues to make a point-blank difference!

First, today, the national publication, E&E News, highlighted our “No New Dams and Diversions” campaign in a story titled, “Even in a ‘megadrought,’ some eye new or expanded Colorado River dams“. The story focused what must seem like an obvious blindspot by the federal government which is allowing new dams and diversions to be built at the exact moment when the feds are saying that 2 – 4 million acre feet of more water must NOT be diverted in order to save all of the dams that are already built.

Never one to mince words, I told E&E News, “It’s nonsensical, of course, to keep draining the river when they’re trying to get more water in the river and in Lake Powell.” — Gary Wockner of Save The Colorado. Nonsensical might be too kind of word, because it’s really insane. Yet, insanity seems to prevail across the Colorado River system which has about 20 new dams and diversions planned.

Save The Colorado is the only group that tracks and fights every single proposed new dam and diversion. And, we will continue to harass, cajole, ridicule, speak out against, and sue in court every agency that tries to build a new dam or diversion.

Second, last night I had the pleasure of discussing our “Rights of Nature for Rivers” program with the national Sierra Club. In a webinar put on by the Sierra Club Water Sentinels, with over 75 attendees, I described our program and what we are trying accomplish by changing the hearts and minds of people at the local level across the Colorado River basin. Nature, and rivers themselves, are a part of us, not a separate entity for us to own, extract, buy-and-sell, and abuse. The rivers flow through the towns across the Southwest U.S. just as surely as the blood flows through our bodies, and both must be treated with the same respect.

I was joined on this webinar by Aaron Isherwood who is the managing attorney for the national Sierra Club, and Grant Wilson who is the director of the Earth Law Center. Kudos to the Sierra Club for giving Rights of Nature a voice in their organization. We offered to work with any local Sierra Club group or chapter in the Western U.S. to help bring Rights of Nature for Rivers to every local watershed where the Sierra Club works.

As the Colorado River system collapses and the federal government threatens to step in, we are stepping up our work to STOP all new dams and diversions, and to change local hearts and minds — and eventually laws — to give rivers rights to exist.

Your support keeps us working hard! You can donate online by clicking here.

Thank you!



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