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Colorado River Update! L.A., Grand Canyon, Colorado, and New Mexico!

Hello Friends of the Colorado River!

There’s a lot going on right now and opportunities for you to take action! Here’s a swing around the Colorado River basin.


LOS ANGELES: If you’re in Los Angeles tonight, join our super friends at the Los Angeles Waterkeeper for their Dirty for the Drought Cocktail Party! Waterkeeper’s “Dirty Car Pledge” has been a huge success, raising awareness and getting national attention on NBC news while also conserving a lot of water in Los Angeles. Nearly 10,000 people have pledged to not wash their cars for 60 days in order to save water and help Southern California through this drought.The Cocktail Party tonight is a celebration of the Dirty for the Drought campaign — a big party and educational event about water conservation. L.A. gets nearly 1/2 of its water from the Colorado River, so conservation is river protection for L.A. and beyond.

GRAND CANYON, TAKE ACTION! Save The Colorado is proud to join the coalition in support of creating the Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument. Our friends at Sierra Club are leading this campaign — we are joining them shoulder-to-shoulder to encourage President Obama to create the monument. You can click through here to send an email to President Obama. The Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument would help protect the area around Grand Canyon National Park from logging and mining, especially from dangerous uranium mining that threatens to pollute the Park and the hick-troutColorado River. Please click through to take action, and stay tuned for more information on this issue in the coming months.

COLORADO, TAKE ACTION! The Colorado Water Plan is still moving forward, and still moving in the wrong direction. Governor John Hickenlooper has yet to say much about the plan but his staff member in charge of the plan, James Eklund, has been saying many of the wrong things — arguing for billions of dollars of new dam projects and a statewide tax to pay for it. The Colorado Water Plan process will continue to escalate throughout 2015 with a final plan being signed by the Governor in December. Because over half of all of the water in the Colorado River falls in Colorado in the form of snow and then melts to create the river, the Colorado Water Plan is very important for the entire Southwest U.S. This plan MUST NOT support new dams and diversions of water out of the Colorado River. Once again, you can click through here to send an email to Governor Hickenlooper. Yesterday, some young kids from Nuestro Rio visited with Governor Hickenlooper and gave him a cool new trout tie. Let’s encourage the Governor to do right by trout and people by protecting and restoring the Colorado River!

NEW MEXICO, WHAT’S GOING ON? Last week New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez appointed a new person to be the director of the Interstate Stream SUSANA-MARTINEZCommission. Unfortunately this person was a vice president for a big engineering company that had over $1 million in contracts with the very same Interstate Stream Commission to study and design the “Gila River Diversion,” a large draining of water out of the last free-flowing river in New Mexico. Is that a conflict of interest? We sent out this press release (click here to read it) and are encouraging folks to once again contact the Governor’s office and ask her to STOP the Diversion and focus on alternatives instead.

Finally, it’s REALLY SNOWING in Colorado this week. Some friends sent us this provocative photo — enjoy!save-the-powder

Stay tuned for more action!


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