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Colorado River Update: Imagine A Great River, Flowing Free!

Hi Amazing Friends of the Colorado River!

It’s your support that keeps us working hard — please consider donating online by clicking here.

We’re excited to give you two quick updates about our work to protect and restore the Colorado River, and support River Protectors across the planet!

First, our “Rewilding The Colorado River” contest got GREAT news coverage. The west-wide news service, Writers on the Range, wrote a wonderful piece about the contest that was syndicated to dozens of newspaper across the Wester U.S. Titled, “Imagine A Great River, Flowing Free“, and written by Dave Marston, the piece discusses our contest to create an engineering solution that allows the Colorado River to flow freely through, around, or past Glen Canyon Dam.

Marston writes, “If there was ever a time to consider this radical rewilding notion, it’s now. A free-flowing Colorado River, says the Glen Canyon Institute, would still be a major tourist attraction, and Segerblom sees Page, Arizona, becoming the gateway to a new place called Glen Canyon National Park.”

We’re thrilled to be working with this small coalition to create this contest, which also comes with a $5,500 prize for the winner! Have a look at the “RewildingColoradoRiver” website here.

Second, our work supporting River Protectors across the planet to a big jump forward this week. I spoke to a class of “Guardians of the River“, a month-long zoom course offered by “Guardians Worldwide“. I discussed our work protecting the Cache la Poudre River in Fort Collins, Colorado; our work protecting the Colorado River in the Southwest U.S.; and our work protecting rivers across Canada and across the world

About 200 students from 30 countries attended the course, titled, “Fighting Dams With Gary Wockner“, and they had great questions about the Colorado River as well as about how to better protect rivers in their home country.

You can watch the whole episode on Youtube here.

While we focus on fighting dams and supporting Rights of Nature, we are also keenly aware that we need to help educate the next generation of River Protectors here in the Southwest U.S. and across the planet. Rivers are under extreme threat everywhere from growth and development, as well as from greed and corruption.

Next week, we’ll have some more updates for you about our dam-fighting work in the state of Colorado as well as a huge water pollution threat along the Colorado River in Las Vegas. We never stop fighting hard to protect rivers, to protect the enjoyment you get from free-flowing rivers, and to protect the non-human world we all share this lovely planet with.

Thank you for your support!

Again, it’s your support that keeps us working hard — please consider donating online by clicking here.

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