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Fighting and Adapting to Climate Change

Climate change is real, happening right now, and will get worse. Climate change has and will decrease snowfall and river flow in the Southwest U.S. and further imperil water
supplies for people and the health of the river and it’s non-human species. Dirty energy
projects that are causing climate change including tar sands, oil shale, fracking, and coal mining are running rampant throughout the Southwest U.S., especially in Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. Save The Colorado opposes dirty energy projects and supports transitioning our economy to a renewable carbon-free system as soon as possible. In addition, Save The Colorado realizes that climate change will get worse requiring that we also support adaptation strategies that protect the river and the non-human environment as well as water supplies for people. Save The Colorado is a key steering-committee member of “Colorado River Connected” which is addressing dirty energy project in Utah and other areas of the Colorado River basin.

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