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ACTION ALERT: Tell Governor Hickenlooper “Start With Conservation”

Hello Friends of the Colorado River!

Please click here to tell Governor John Hickenlooper:  Focus on water conservation in Colorado!

The Colorado River begins in the state of Colorado, and that’s where policies to protect the Colorado River should also begin!

In January in his “State of the State” speech, Governor Hickenlooper spoke about Colorado’s water supply challenges.  He made a bold statement: “Every discussion about water should start with conservation.”

Watch the video of him saying it by clicking here

Unfortunately, Governor Hickenlooper has been all over the board in his statements about water over the past two years – he’s supported dams, fracking, and funding to study huge pipelines.

Right now he needs to hear from you so we can help steer him in the right direction!

Click here to sign the petition to tell Governor Hickenlooper not to focus on dams, fracking or pipelines, but to focus on water conservation.  Please join a large coalition of environmentalists, farmers, and businesspeople in sending a strong message to Governor Hickenlooper.

We need to encourage Governor Hickenlooper to follow through on his promise in his State of the State speech.  We will follow this petition up by continuing to communicate with the Governor and his administration about to protecting and restoring the Colorado River.

Please click here to sign the petition.

Thank you for your support!

Gary Wockner, Director
Save The Colorado River Campaign

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