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Action Alert: Flaming Gorge Pipeline Down, Not Out

Hi Friends of the Colorado River!

Last week, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) once again put a stop to the proposed Flaming Gorge Pipeline, a developer’s river destroying scheme to pump water from the Green River all the way (500 miles!) across Wyoming and down to the Front Range of Colorado.  FERC said this proposal was not ready for prime time, specifically saying any path forward would be “difficult and lengthy.”  Dozens of newspapers covered this story, including this one in the Wyoming Business Report (click to read).  The legal fight to stop the pipeline was led by the Denver office of Earthjustice — here’s a blog from them providing a more detailed explanation and links to the legal documents in the case.

The massive coalition of groups working to stop the Flaming Gorge Pipeline received a huge boost last week when the national river-conservation group, American Rivers, named the Green River one of the “Most Endangered Rivers in America” due to the threat of the pipeline.  Here’s a link to the document describing American Rivers’ listing of the Green.

What can you do to help pull the plug on the Flaming Gorge Pipeline?

Unfortunately, although the federal government has now axed this project 3 times, the State of Colorado is still moving forward with a planning process to study the Flaming Gorge Pipeline.  Governor Hickenlooper, who has publicly supported funding for this process, needs to hear from you today.

Please send Governor Hickenlooper an email at this link (click here).  Please be respectful but also direct and persuasive.  Also, you can send a tweet to Governor Hickenlooper at this twitter address @HickForCo.  Here’s a sample tweet:

  • @HickForCo, please stop pushing Flaming Gorge Pipeline. Feds axed it 3x. CO should protect the Green and #CoRiver environment and economy

When you take action to protect the Green and Colorado Rivers from the Flaming Gorge Pipeline, you will be joining an extraordinary group of over 100 Colorado business who just today sent a letter to Governor Hickenlooper asking him to stop studying this destructive pipeline, and focus instead on common-sense solutions to Colorado’s water supply needs.  Read the business letter here.

The Flaming Gorge Pipeline is down, but not out.  Please take action today by contacting Colorado’s Governor, John Hickenlooper.  Let’s pull the final plug on this project!

(If you live in Utah, you can also contact Governor Herbert at this action alert.)

Thank you for your support!


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