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Colorado River Update: MEGADROUGHT and DAMNATION!

Hi Friends of the Colorado River,

Two quick updates:

First, a major new study published in the journal Science last week offers new insights on the impact climate change is having on Colorado River flows. The research used tree-ring data to measure soil moisture content dating back to 800 A.D. The paper states that the drought we have been experiencing since the year 2000 is worse than almost every other “megadrought” in the last 1,200 years. It draws a correlation between the worsening drought and human caused climate change. This research is eye opening and strengthens the case for our position on stopping new dams and diversions in the Colorado River ecosystem throughout the Southwest U.S.

The New York Times, as well as other major newspapers covered the issue. This story highlights and strengthens our work and policy that “NO NEW DAMS AND DIVERSIONS” should be considered or built in the Colorado River ecosystem. Also, it further puts a nail in the coffin of Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam — there simply is not enough water to operate the current system and the current dams and reservoirs, let alone enough water to even consider and new dams any diversions.

Save The Colorado continues to be the leading edge of DAM FIGHTING in the Colorado River basin. Our work is scientifically informed — not politically — and we do what’s right for the ecology and health of the river rather than whatever politicians and water managers believe is expedient.

Second, TONIGHT our friends at Patagonia are offering an EARTH WEEK bonus, a free showing of the film, “DamNation”, and a Q&A with the filmmakers. Named by Sierra Magazine in 2014 as one of the most important films of the year, DamNation is a powerful environmental documentary that follows Felt Soul Media filmmakers Ben Knight and Travis Rummel and Stoecker Ecological fish biologist, producer, and underwater photographer Matt Stoecker as they embark on a journey to document the environmental impacts of deadbeat dams across America and the attempt to reverse a century’s worth of land and water management mistakes.

DamNation received the “Documentary Spotlight” audience award at the SXSW Film Festival in 2014, in addition to winning the “Documentary Award for Environmental Advocacy” at the Environmental Film Festival in Washington DC that same year.  This film has been an important tool for dam removal projects and for our federal and state advocacy efforts. The film also explores the removal of Glen Canyon Dam with vintage footage of Edward Abbey calling to Tear Down Glen Canyon Dam.

One of three films Patagonia has produced about wild rivers and wild fish, DamNation was originally released to the public on May 10, 2014. TONIGHT’s screening will be followed by a live Q&A with the filmmakers Matt Stoecker, Ben Knight and Travis Rummel. Once the live event is over, the film will be available for free for the first time ever on YouTube.


Enjoy and Happy Earth Week!

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