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From Source to Sea

John Waterman’s Journey – From Source to Sea

Jonathan WatermanJonathan Waterman is renowned for wild mountaineering trips, long river descents, and arduous wilderness traverses-documented in ten different books and several award-winning films. In 2008, “Jon” launched his 1,450-mile journey down the Colorado: balancing the expected whitewater adventure with weeks of solitude, meetings with scientists and water operators, a ten-day walk through the dried-out delta, and-thanks to the fast-talking Spanish of his companions-convincing a well armed squad of Mexican soldiers that they were not drug smugglers. Until his journey, the full descent of the Colorado River had never been completed. Now Jon believes that it should not be undertaken again until the river reaches the sea. His new narrative book Running Dry: A Journey from Source to Sea Down the Colorado River will be available in mid May from National Geographic Books. In September, partnering with the acclaimed photographer Pete McBride, Westcliffe Publishers/Big Earth will release their photography book, The Colorado River: Flowing through Conflict. Their call for action is to restore river water to the dried out delta and its estuary.

The photo gallery shows the issues and challenges that Jon confronted during his five-month long, source-to-sea journey.

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